Let’s face it—you can have the most wonderful website in the world, but if it can’t be found, then it won’t be seen. We strive to give you the best of both worlds: stellar publicity materials and a strong internet presence. We are fully aware that all clients are the best at what they do; however, when it comes to the internet most are stumped and baffled, which is where we come in.

We understand the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) learning curves of any new business owner when facing the internet—confusion is a primary response! We diligently help clients understand SEO, website optimization, the design process, and we offer options and recommendations in order to create a thorough marketing strategy. We will work closely with you and make it so that your website works for you while you sleep.

Our marketing services include but are not limited to:

  • SEO website review
  • SEO competitive research
  • SEO research on industry
  • SEO key phrase research
  • Research on direct competitors, primary industry internet trends, and conversion path of customers
  • Submission to search engines, using SEO compliant methods
  • Statistical research, web traffic and documentation
  • Continued search engine optimization ranking improvement